PortraitI’ve always been drawn to the land and the natural world, and to exploring the past – its mysteries, and how it informs the present.  In 2018 I completed my archaeological studies at the University of Leicester, and feel that life is a never-ending journey of discovery.

When I was twenty-two I began selling my art, alongside the nine to five job at an office in North London. Ten years later my first article was published. In the meantime I had escaped the city to live on the Isle of Purbeck, working at an art gallery, then as a museum assistant, before heading for Glastonbury – famous for its Arthurian traditions as well as for a certain music festival down the road at Pilton.

I have written articles for a variety of magazines, on subjects from poetry performance to animals in Celtic art, and find there’s a cross-fertilization between my art and writing. A fascination with the power of creativity, and of sound and symbol throughout the ages, finally took shape in a book ‘The Sacred Word’. My second book ‘Wood Wisdom’ developed from my sense of connection to the natural world and a love of mythology. It was followed by a historical novel ‘Radiant Brow – The Epic of Taliesin’, inspired by Welsh poetry and tale. Writing it took over ten years and is a story in itself, one that has had a profound effect on my own life.

Between 2002 and 2009, I moved around the West Country but, like a magnet, Glastonbury pulled me back. The town is so much more than Britain’s New Age capital.  It is home to many writers and researchers, hosts lectures and conferences, and has a vibrant arts scene.

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